1981 Datsun/Nissan diesel for sale by owner - Bluff City, TN - craigslist (2024)

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1981 Datsun/Nissan diesel for sale by owner - Bluff City, TN - craigslist (1)

1981 Datsun/Nissan

cylinders: 4 cylinders

drive: rwd

fuel: diesel

odometer: 200000

paint color: red

title status: clean

transmission: manual

type: sedan

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Well, looks like I'm going have to sell my old buddy!
I love this truck and I've gotten a lot of work done with it but, now I have retired and just don't need it anymore.
It is a:
1981 Datsun/Nissan 720 Deluxe King Cab diesel pick-up truck
four cylinder, SD22, L4 diesel engine
61 HP, 2.2liter (2164cc) , 5 speed
Rated at 44MPG.

It was stored for seven years. Even after setting for that long we just aired up the tires
and put the battery on charge and it fired right up. It was ready to go!
It has a 5-speed manual tranny. The engine, transmission, rear end and brakes are in excellent condition and absolutely bullet proof!
The body is a bit rough with various dents,& rust.
Starts right up in Summer and Winter. It is super dependable! The engine has never given me a moment's trouble!
Clean, clear title with repair receipts.
Burns no oil!
Extended cab with "jump" seats.
Original owner's manual, original jack and emergency tool pack.
Rear air shocks.
Original Clarion stereo
It is set up for A/C from the factory, but I knew since it has so many windows,
I would never use the A/C.
Has Kobalt diamond aluminum "slim" tool box which gives more room in the bed.
Interior light swings down to see in the bed at night.
Has aluminum mag wheels with very good tread on the tires. Spare is steel rim.
Pop-out rear windows with sliding back glass.

I have had an absolute ball running different fuels in this truck.
From experience I know this truck will run on old, burnt auto. trans. fluid, old cooking oil, and oil motor oil, if you thin it out a bit.
Of course we know it will run on kerosene. And one time I dumped some old oil in it that I had no idea what it was and it still ran
on it! Of course you have to strain the old oil to keep out dirt and foreign particles.
And since this truck has the 2.2 liter (as opposed to the 1.6 liter of V.W. and Mazda's) it has quite a bit pick up and low end power!
I've taken the truck on several long trips, buzzing along at 70 and 75 mph and it does great!
It's rated at 44mpg and it really shows. I would normally fill it up when I received my retirement check and it would last all month!
It was actually hard for me to get used to buying that expensive gas when I bought another vehicle.
The odometer just turned over 200k. The actual miles is 200381, but with this truck that does not bother me in the least. It is starting
and running so well and these trucks were made to last! I actually spoke to one gentleman and he got over 800k on his truck!
You can just not find these smaller four cylinder diesels anymore. (I actually talked to a company several years ago, that were going
around and buying up all of the smaller diesels in the U.S. and Canada to ship them back to Asia, and South Africa
where the fuel is so high. And they were making a killing in doing so! That's why you just can't find them any more!)
I will sell this truck and everything that goes with it for $5,ooo..May consider serious trades. Please call me (Land line/no texts) four23-575-2546 to get ore info.
and set up a time to come check it out. Come, bring cash and drive it home! Thank you!

Also, I have a propane cooker with a new steel bucket that is used to separate the fat from the cooking oil if you decide to run cooking
in the winter.. It's a super easy process with videos on the net showing how it is done. In fact, that's pretty much all the farmers use
in Asia!
I actually had four small restaurants that would save me their old cooking oils when they would clean their fryers weekly. That supplied
me with MORE than enough free fuel to run on!
If interested I will sell the whole cooker set for $200.00. (Please refer to the pics.)

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    1981 Datsun/Nissan diesel for sale by owner - Bluff City, TN - craigslist (2024)


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