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Deepwoken is an action Roblox game based on magic and spell casting mechanisms. Possess magic charms, engage in combat, cast spells, collect weapons and develop skills throughout the game for a fun adventure.Here, we’ll show you how to make the best build for PvE so stick around till the end!

Complete PvE Build Making Guide

It’s not as simple as choosing a singular build that fits all situations and circ*mstances. It also depends on the play styles and game modes. You also just cannot make a build with everything in it, it’s not sustainable or versatile for every situation you encounter.

So, the approach is to make a build that will suit your game mode and play style. Essentially making a build that matches what you’d like to do with it. Also, we’re going to tell you how to make the ideal PvE build that matches your needs with this ultimate guide.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

  1. Choosing a game mode
  2. Researching
  3. Build requirements for each game mode
  4. Optimizing builds
  5. Efficiency

Now, let’s get started with choosing a game mode!

Choosing a Game Mode

Deepwoken has five game modes that are worth looking into.

  1. Ferryman
  2. Maestro
  3. Layer 2
  4. Hell Mode
  5. Diluvian

We’ve eliminated Duke Kaido and Primadon because these game modes have a lack of good drops. Moreover, In Primadohn’s case, there’s no point in beating him under 3 minutes due to his respawn time.

  • Hell mode and Diluvian, on the other hand, you can use one build for both of these.

Diluvian is a bit harder among the two but will also give you better drops. You can get a chance to acquire nearly every legendary weapon in the game along with all the relics you need and high star gear.

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The downside to choosing Diluvian or Hell mode as your game mode is that there is a risk wiping if wrong mods spawn or you might get unlucky with getting stunned. You might end up having to do this mode with around 5 people to get consistent clears.

It’s not worth making a build for solo Diluvian and it’s too risky to do especially as a first build. For this game mode, we recommend that you use Silent Heart or the standard Frost build. You’ll learn more about Diluvian game mode in this guide on Diluvian Mechanism Location.

  • Ferryman is simpler than the rest of the game modes and it’s good for getting idols of Yun Shul, Moon’s Eye Tomb and Storm’s Eye.
  • Maestro drops crypts, curves, imperial staffs and a sinner’s ash.
  • Layer 2 is the only way to get blood for the crowns, which is by far the most valuable item in the game. You can also get most legendary weapons in this game mode as well. If you’re a little lost in the Layer 2 game mode, we even have this guide that will tell you How To Do Layer 2.
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Now, you can decide which mode to go for. It’s important to note that the last three modes mentioned have next to a zero chance of wiping so you can usually use one build. Hell Mode and Diluvian are riskier but will give you more reward. So, keeping this in mind, you can make your decision.


Researching builds is another important step in choosing the perfect build for you. This is arguably the best way to thoroughly understand bosses and game modes. When you research various PvE builds, it does wonders in helping you produce your own build at the end of the day.

The collective community will have more insight about builds as opposed to a single person. A single player may not be able to answer all your questions just as an entire community would with their own unique experiences.

Additionally, there are a lot of PvE channels on YouTube to choose ready-made builds from with a track record of a lot of different PvE builds. Here are some examples below:

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The second way to find builds is to search for them on the leaderboards. This method requires the builds to be public domain or that you have a lot more knowledge on builds overall. You can still find out what strategies you should be using.

For instance, you could study how every top run ferryman uses Gale. You’re just browsing builds until you can find an idea or brainstorm something that fits the game mode you chose.

Build Requirements for each game mode

Here is a brief version of the build requirements for each game mode.

  • Hell mode requires high offense along with fast and high damaging moves.
  • Diluvian requires high damage, high defense with fast healing (similar to hell mode)
  • Ferryman requires fast, multi-hitting moves like tornado or warden blades.
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  • Maestro uses a thorns weapon and requires good mantras.
  • Layer 2 requires high DPS and high mobility. (defense is not needed in Layer 2 since you can always heal with stuff like Condition runner since layer 2 routes have a ton of running involved.)

EXP is an important part of the game, and you’ll need to farm as much as you can to assist you in defeating bosses. So, make sure to check out our guide that tells you the Best Way To Farm EXP. Now, let’s move on to discussing the importance of optimizing your builds.

Optimizing your builds

When you finally find the perfect layout for a good PvE build, you can get more out of what you bargained for by using a different set of stats.

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For example, look at the build above from ferryman.A better way to optimize this would be to take away points from Agility and transfer them into Strength. All that the agility gives you is Speed Demon and conditioned runner. These two talents do not make ferryman any simpler since you don’t need to heal and you’ll only need to M1 ferryman throughout the run.

How to spend your points?

Typically, good builds will focus on one to two high requirement good cards. You’d want to spend the rest of your points into:

  • Your element
  • Weapon
  • Low investment but good cards.

Next, look for stuff under 30 points or has multiple uses. To put it simply, you have to try to stretch your points as much as you can to get all of the good perks and make the most out of your build. So play around a little and see which stats are more relevant to your game mode to optimize your build.

Below are good mantras for Frost Draw, Iron Slam, Flame and Gale. These 4 achievements are the best achievements to focus on in your build.

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Silent Heart does give you more points to spend but you’ll have no mobility. As long as you’re not planning to grind Layer 2 too much, Silent Heart is also a good option.Moving on to the fifth and final step which is Efficiency.


An efficient PvE build can make a ton of difference. This step is similar to optimizing, except the difference is that instead of modifying build status, you’re making the build clear whatever you need much faster and more consistently. If we take an example of a build that’s fast but not consistent, we can look at the builds that are at the top of the glitch chaser speedruns.

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They can clear chaser in one minute, but they are not consistent because: a) the flame grab tech to kill doesn’t always land and b) they don’t have healing. For this reason, you would want some form of healing in either conditioned runner or defense like exoskeleton or arc welder. Your damage is self-explanatory. It lets you kill your enemies want faster, increasing the efficiency directly.

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For instance, if you make a build one cycle chase instead of two cycling, you’ll save about 30 seconds each run. You might want to also check out our guide on How To 1 Cycle Chaser to give you a little more insight about this.

Furthermore, mobility increases the rate that you achieve objectives and is most important in layer 2. Having mobility in some form always makes the build easier to use.

And that’s the entire process of making a good, suitable and ideal build for yourself. You choose a game mode; you do research and see the requirements for each build. You create your build and optimize it and then you ensure that your build is actually efficient.
Now that we’ve covered everything about PvE builds, it’s time to learn a little more about PvP with this guide on How to Master PVP in Deepwoken.

Deepwoken: Complete PvE Build Making Guide - Item Level Gaming (2024)


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