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In the United States Walmart employs over a million workers and as many as 11,000 of them are on part-time shifts.

Walmart Academy is a training ground for Walmart store associates so they become better employees. This may sound interesting to you, but I do hope you’re ready for my next revelation, because the training is very intense and will require you to work long hours, 7 days a week. You’ll be doing tasks that are very difficult and require you to be very persistent.

What Is the Walmart Academy In 2022?

The first module, titled “The Importance of Quality Control and Supplier Management,” focuses on quality and supplier management, and can be accessed after completing Walmart’s associate training program at WalmartLIVE. The module aims to improve the employee’s understanding of supplier management and the role of quality assurance in the supply chain.

The five other modules cover topics such as inventory management, order processing, marketing, customer service, customer experience, leadership, and management.

Since 2015 Walmart has been investing in training programs including Walmart academy. If you’re interested in learning more about the programs, the location, the application process, and some of the benefits you can receive from attending, keep reading for more.

Why Does Walmart Have Walmart Academy?

Walmart implemented a mentorship program called “Walmart Academy” to better cultivate and develop employees by giving them a chance to work with different experts and learn more about different things. The program is made up of different classes that cover topics like career advancement, leadership, management, diversity, etc.

It employs all the workers to make sure they are properly trained and it has an academy.

When Walmart first started Walmart Academy in March 2016, they started offering 4 courses. Walmart has also continued to expand the program to provide more training opportunities.

How Many People Have Graduated From Walmart Academy?

Walmart believes that the Walmart Academy is the best way to get associates to grow and continue to have a career in the company.

It is believed that around 150,000 Walmart employees have been or currently are enrolled in the Academy.

How Much Has Walmart Spent on Walmart Academy?

Walmart is investing around $2.7 billion on training programs and improving the wages of 1.2 million Walmart workers.

And Walmart continues to invest in Walmart Academy, so everyone who wants an opportunity to move up and get ahead gets a chance to.

In the United States Walmart is known for having invested a significant amount of money into their employees and other labor organizations.

What Are Walmart Academy Classes Like?

Walmart has a series of e-learning modules broken into short lessons that look like games.

Basically, the classes feel like they are more like a game than they are actual classroom lessons.

So, Walmart has a mentorship program starting new hires for the first time from the Walmart Academy.

This program is made available to Walmart employees, allowing them to acquire skills directly
related to the new technology. Other programs include: Networking, Web Design, and Computer Programming.

How Many Walmart Academy Locations Are There?

 Walmart has been training  for several years in over  200 Walmart Academy locations across the United States.

Walmart Academy, a part of Walmart, is an international training program developed to transform employees into the best version of themselves.

Is Walmart Community Academy and the Walmart Academy the Same?

The Walmart Community Academy (WCA) is a FREE program offered at Walmart stores. WCA is for people of any age and income level. WCA is an opportunity for anyone to learn and grow through fun, hands-on learning experiences.

Walmart is using the network of Walmart academy to offer classes for their members.

Walmart also added Community Academy to give struggling members of society an opportunity to make a living.

Become a strong, well-rounded citizen by increasing their knowledge of and appreciation for the English language, their community, their country, and the world.

How Much Do Community Academy Classes Cost?

“Digital Literacy”, “Financial Education”, “Customer Service”, “Digital Citizenship”, “Career Exploration”, “English as a Second Language”, and more!

Walmart will continue to expand which courses are offered through the Walmart Community Academy.

What Are Other Employee Benefits at Walmart?

The average hourly wage at Walmart is higher than the national average, that means that if you work for Walmart you can earn more than you did in your current job.

Walmart’s employees know that if they don’t do their jobs, they get fired.

To learn more about Walmart’s college program if they hire you at 16, and how to pass your assessment, check out our posts on the Walmart college program, if Walmart hires at 16.


Walmart Academy offers education and training to current Walmart employees, and helps them to gain a new skill set, increasing their job opportunities.

Walmart used its current employees for e-learning tutorials and also used the Academy system for promoting upward mobility. Currently, there are over 200 Walmart Academy locations, which are also used for Walmart Community Academy classes.

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What Is The Walmart Academy? (all You Need To Know) - Talk Radio News (2024)


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