Why three states don't have a Costco as retailer announces plans for expansion (2024)

Why three states don't have a Costco as retailer announces plans for expansion (1)
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The company is opening stores in China and the US this year

  • Josephine Fuller, Consumer reporter
  • Josephine Fuller, Consumer reporter

DESPITE over 600 Costco warehouses across the country, three states still don't have a location - but that could change soon.

It's hard to imagine that some states don't have Costco clubs when considering California has 137.


Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming are the only places left without stores.

But that could be changing soon, according to Fox Business.

Costco announced plans to open a club in Rhode Island, but a specific location hasn't yet been decided.

Maine didn't have a wholesale club until November, when a location opened just outside Portland.

Arkansas, Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Vermont all only have one Costco location.


Population size is a significant reason for the lack of Costco locations in the three states, according to Food Republic.

When deciding where to open stores, the company also considers the median household income and projected population growth near would-be warehouse locations.

Costco announced it would open seven new locations in 2024 starting in May, including an international store.

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Below is the schedule and locations that are scheduled to open, according to the store's website:

  • Loomis, California, May 2024
  • Jiangning, China, May 2024
  • North Port, Florida, June 2024
  • Mt. Julien, Tennessee, June 2024
  • Riverbank, California, June 2024
  • Richmond, Texas, June 2024
  • NW Omaha, Nebraska, July 2024
  • Chaska, Minnesota, July 2024

Costco fans ‘stopped dead in their tracks’ as shopper returned entire 30-person turkey meal for a full refund


Costco announced it is opening a new warehouse that is set to be the world's largest.

The Fresno store in California will be closed and replaced with a 219,000-square-foot warehouse,SFGatereported.

Costco got approval from the city council to open the store at North Riverside Drive and West Herndon Avenue, according toFresnoland.

The giant location is going to be packed with new features.

Guests can take advantage of the 32-pump gas station in the parking lot, which also has a car wash.

The gas station will be open later than the store to prevent long lines during peak shopping hours.

The Costco location will have a dedicated delivery service, which could mean faster service for members who shop from home.

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Earlier this year, Walmart announced it is building 150 stores and redesigning 650 locations.

Meanwhile, Costco customers were horrified after watching a member try to return a dead plant.

Membership and store cards on offer from major retailers

Why three states don't have a Costco as retailer announces plans for expansion (11)

Here is a breakdown of the store cards on offer to customers from various retailers and their benefits:


  • Gold Star Membership: $60 per year, shop all Costco stores and online with two additional cards for your household.
  • Executive Membership:$120 per year, annual 2% reward, additional discounts and benefits on Costco services, shop online and in-store, and get two additional cards for household use.

Sam's Club:

  • Club Membership:$50 per year, bonus offers, same-day delivery, instant savings, Sam's Club Mastercard, members-only fuel savings, tire and battery center, complimentary membership, and add-on memberships.
  • Plus Membership:$110 per year, all benefits of Club membership plus Sam's Cash, free shipping, free curbside pickup, early shopping, and pharmacy and optical savings.


  • Target Circle:A free-to-join reward program allowing users to earn 1% in Target Circle earnings rewards when an eligible purchase is made, access deals and personalized offers, get a birthday gift, and earn a vote to help direct how Target helps out your community.
  • Target Circle Card:A credit, debit, or reloadable account card that gives users 5% off in-store and online as well as exclusive offers, free two-day shipping, and an additional 30-day returns window. Formerly Target RedCard.


  • Walmart+: $12.95 per month or $98 per year with a free 30-day trial. Offers members free delivery, free shipping with no minimum spend, fuel savings, Paramount+ subscription, auto car, Walmart+ travel, returns from home, mobile scan and go in-store, and early access to deals and product releases.


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Why three states don't have a Costco as retailer announces plans for expansion (2024)


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